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WTB / WTT: phart010 's Want List Need Thimbleweed Park (switch)

Jul 7, 2018 at 4:32:36 PM
phart010 (8)
(Paul Hart) < Meka Chicken >
Posts: 961 - Joined: 11/16/2016
North Carolina
I need Thimbleweed Park for switch sealed. Will trade Kingdom Newlands or Night Trap 

Mostly interested in Doing Trades. Only buying if you have something your trying to unload for cheap.

Carts need to be in Good condition - Small dings and minor scratches are ok... but no label tears or sunfading. If labels start to peel, I may accept if it can still be reglued.

NES (loose cart ok, boxes are welcome though)
Arkista's Ring -30
Bucky O Hare -75
Crisis Force - Famicom -80
Crystalis -10
Darkwing Duck -35
Flying Warriors
Galaga -5
Gradius -10
Ikari 1 -10
Joe and Mac -10
Journey to Silius -30
Kabuki Quantum Fighter -15
Kid Dracula - Famicom -25
Kid Icarus -15
Kick Master -80
Kickle Cubicle -20
Kiwi Craze -20
Krion Conquest -65
Lolo 2
Lolo 3
Megaman 5 -80
Metal Storm -100
Power Blade 1 -40
Rampage -10
River City Ransom -30
Shadow of the Ninja -50
Shatterhand -50
Splatterhouse - Famicom -20
Super Dodge Ball -15
Sword Master
Tom and Jerry
Vs. Castlevania - Retrozone
Vs. Super Mario - Retrozone
Wai Wai World 2 - Famicom
I do want all of the heavy hitters too, but I've already accepted that I'm not actively going to be pursuing them as I'm not willing to pay the big bucks. 

SNES (loose cart ok, Box is always welcome)
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs -20
Battletoads and Double Dragon
Brawl Brothers
Breath of Fire 1
Breath of Fire 2
Bust a Move
Captain america
Captain Commando -80
Chrono Trigger -80
Doremi Fantasy - Japanese
Eartworm Jim -10
Earthworm Jim 2 -10
EVO -180
Fatal Fury 1 
Fatal Fury 2
Final Fight 3 -70
Fire Striker
Harvest Moon
Jurassic Park
Joe and Mac 1
Joe and Mac 2
Kirby 3
Knights of the Round -60
Lost Vikings 1
Lost Vikings 2
Megaman X2 -80
Power Rangers Fighting edition
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy
Parodius - PAL
Peace Keepers
Robotrek -20
Run Saber -70
Sim City -10
Sky Blazer
Soul Blazer -50
Sparkster -65
Star Ocean - high quality translation
Supe Bomberman 1 -15
Super Bomberman 2 -20
Super Bonk -30
Super Godzilla
Super Punchout -15
Super Turrican -40
Super Valis 4 -25
Terranigma - PAL

Gameboy / Gameboy Color (loose cart ok, Box is always welcome)
Azure Dreams color
Batman Animated Series -20
Battle Arena Toshinden 
Bubble Bobble
Bubble Bobble 2
Bubble Bobble DX
Bust a Move Millenium
Buster Bros
Crystal Quest
Donkey Kong Land 1
Donkey Kong Land 3
Double Dragon 3
Ducktales 1
Final Fantasy Adventure
Hammerin Harry
King of Fighters 95
Mario Picross
Megaman 3
Megaman 4
Mr Driller
Metroid 2 DX - high quality repro (board only ok) 
Pokemon Red
Rayman 2
R Type 2
R Type DX
Tiny Toons 1
Tiny Toons 2

Gameboy Advance (loose cart ok, Box is always welcome)
Boktai 2
Castlevania Double Pack
Donkey Kong Country 1
Donkey Kong Country 2
King of Fighters EX 1
King of Fighters EX 2
Klonoa 1
Klonoa 2
Mickeys Magical Quest 2
Mr Driller 1
Mr Driller 2
Phantasy Star Collection
Pokemon Emerald
Puzzle Fighter
River City Ransom EX
Shining Soul

Master System (complete)
Ninja Gaiden
R Type
Shadow Dancer
Sonic 1
All Wonder Boys


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Jul 7, 2018 at 6:13:56 PM
Space Jockey (145)
( Xenomorph ) < King Solomon >
Posts: 4845 - Joined: 06/03/2012
I have a few games on your list, PM incoming.


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On a more serious note, I've played EarthBound today for so long, I feel all tense and mentally worn out.
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Jan 23 at 8:24:10 AM
phart010 (8)
(Paul Hart) < Meka Chicken >
Posts: 961 - Joined: 11/16/2016
North Carolina
Anyone want to trade me an extra Thimbleweed Park for switch?i have some limited run stuff