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$1,000,000 collection amassed

Today at 4:09:58 PM
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Originally posted by: Sign Collector Guy

The entire world is manipulated because of the almighty dollar. So shocking. 😀
When it’s manipulated to the point where most people can recognise manipulation, then it becomes more cringe than shocking.


Today at 4:32:25 PM
MrMark0673 (455)
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Yeah, it's not a matter of the money changing hands. I've never had an issue with people making money, even absurd amounts, buying and selling games.

It's the obvious manipulation from a small, incestuously overlapping group of buyer/seller/company/advisory/overly supportive members here/interviewees that is insulting. It's largely the same group of people who tried to keep Omar "hidden" from the community at large, and they have their hand in nearly every aspect of this recent "boom" in sales.

There have been many conflicts of interest pointed out over and over (and thin defenses of said conflicts of interest), and the community isn't buying it. Golf is still Golf at the end of the day, regardless of how many pump and dump articles get published by people who are simultaneously involved in the buying/selling/grading/auctioning of these games.

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