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Sealed Collecting Questions Wata/VGA Advice, Authentic vs. Reseal Help, etc.

Sep 22 at 8:23:00 AM
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Originally posted by: 14u2ponder

I'm confused on the complete in box option, can somebody help me understand. If, for example, I wanted my Final Fantasy Adventure with the Box, Manual and Game graded, but I'm missing say the Map or if I'm missing the Nintendo Power or a Registration Card, does this factor into the grading, or is it just a mention on the label that this has only the Box, Manual and Cart and is missing the Map or the Reg. Card, if the game has one.
Hey. Good question. The easiest way to look at is what makes up a CIB (Cart, Instructions, Box), that is what gets graded. The weighting for each is as follows: Box = 50%, Cart = 30%, Instructions = 20%. The weighted average then gives you your overall grade with the subgrades noted on the back. 

Inserts like like the Tips and Strategies for LoZ are noted, and any additional notes (sealed vs. opened) are on the back as well with a separate grade that does not get factored into the overall grade. 

I hope that helps. 


Sep 22 at 9:29:59 AM
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Wata has a good article about inserts here if you want to know more

Oct 02 at 11:15:04 AM
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I just received this in the mail today. It's a factory sealed unlicensed original mahjong game for PlayStation, I had found an opened one awhile back, today got this in the mail from a local guy I know.

I doubt there are many of these still sealed, and the game is super rare. Should I send it to wata or VGA for grading?

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