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What homebrews use custom mappers?

Oct 04 at 8:22:24 PM
ryesher (0)

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I am curious about what carts use this, I have made another thread on best homebrew titles but I learnt that some devs make their own mappers?
Which games have these?


Oct 05 at 8:50:04 AM
Indo (4)
(Chris ) < Crack Trooper >
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New Jersey
If you mean custom mapper as in the brewer made it themselves for just that game, then Star Keeper did that.

If you mean a mapper that was developed for sale to homebrewers and not used by Nintendo during the life span, then many. Memblers makes the GT-Rom board. The Incident, Scramble, Spook-o'-Tron, and others used it. I think some of NES Lives boards are new mappers as well.

Edit: GT-Rom Board also for Candelabra Estoscerro, NEScape!, Rollie

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