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Gluk Video variants

Oct 12, 2006 at 4:48:53 AM
Speedy_NES (158)
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I posted this over on NESWorld and figured I might as well post it here as well:

jbholio figured out a while back that there were possibly two batches released of games (with slight differences in-game), and I think I can definitely confirm that with a 2nd copy of El Monstruo de los Globos (Balloon Monster) that I purchased recently. I haven't compared the gameplay yet as my converters are stored away, but here are some exterior and pcb differences:

1st release:
Main label missing a bunch of text (which all my other gluk carts have, so this must be a real early release?)
Original CN-05 label underneath Gluk Video label.
Bulky short black screws (when opened up you can tell that they are not perfect fit for the case)

Actual (windowed??) EPROMS, and you can tell that the board is much older

2nd release:
Main label has extra text
No original label underneath
2x Thin and long 1x short silver screws (perfect fit for the case)

Cheap board with no EPROMS...not sure what they're called, those two black spots of solid that looks like liquid...board also looks almost brand new

I don't know how far apart these were released, but given the different type of boards...I think a number of years. My guess is that Gluk Video released them originally in the early 1990s when MegaSoft/Caltron was developing these games, and then later rereleased them with cheaper PCB etc.

I'm gonna look for a converter in a bit and test them later today....curious to see which differences there are.

Oct 14, 2006 at 6:43:22 PM
jbholio (5)
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Speedy, so is there a "1991 Mega Soft" copyright on the title screen of the El Monstruo de los Globos with black spots on the PCB (1 large label)? If you compare it to the "2 large labels" game, the music on the title screen should be different and there should be no music when playing. If so, it would confirm what I already told you.

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