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N64 and other top labels

Oct 17 at 8:22:04 PM
leatherrebel5150 (180)
(Kidd ) < King Solomon >
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New Jersey
For those interested I found this guy on ebay recently

Ive heard people say the labels from rosstafarian on ebay were really good, and I admit I like the look of them but they are $45 and you have to cut them out yourself. The seller in the link says they are precut (I asked him) and less than half the price and has a bunch of different consoles available. 

So heads up to anyone looking for top labels.

I bought a set so I'll see what the quality is when they come in.

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Oct 18 at 11:57:59 AM
Mario's Right Nut (352)
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I think that I bought some SMS ones from him. If not, they look exactly the same. I think that I got them off etsy though.


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Oct 18 at 2:29:17 PM
twiztor (5)
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i bought my set of N64 top labels from this seller a couple years ago. they looked and felt great! with that good experience, i also picked up their 32x top labels and again was super happy with the quality. highly recommended!