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SuperVision 1992 Super HIK 20-in-1 multicart for Famicom Can't find anything about this particular form factor

Sep 12 at 3:56:34 PM
Lumi (0)

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Hi there. I've been trying to figure out the total value of my video game collection, for purposes of both insurance and potential downsizing. Most of it has been easy to assign a value to, even the bootleg stuff. But this thing is an enigma. I got it many years ago at a flea market, with one of those Famicom-to-NES "Game Converter" adapters included. Not only can I not find a single instance of this particular cart anywhere online, I can barely find any trace of this form factor existing (grey, rounded Famicom cartridge with "SuperVision" logo on the top). I did quite a bit of Google image searching, and only found 3 measly photos of carts that look like this, all from the same place. I still can't possibly guess as to its rarity or value.

SuperVision bootleg stuff does appear to be sought-after to some degree given the high prices for NES SuperVision-branded multicarts on eBay, but this one seems to be more elusive. Does anyone have any idea as to its value and possible origin? I'm very curious to know. Thanks!

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Sep 14 at 11:01:33 AM
fcgamer (101)

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Well, I guess I'll be the bearer of bad news, for whatever it's worth.

If I were to purchase this cart, I wouldn't pay more than $15 or possibly $20 for it, and that's solely due to the supervision brand on the shell. Without that, I wouldn't pay more than $2.

The thing is, no one really wants famicom multicarts. They're a dime a dozen, even old ones, and they need to contain something special to be worth something. I always clear out my multis to a guy in Poland for cheap, and I'm happy just to get the money, that's how hard it is to unload these carts (and basically everyone back in the day with a famiclone had a couple multicarts...)

Why are supervision branded carts harder to find, famicom wise? I'd guess because supervision mostly distributed in 72 pins areas, such as Indonesia. But in this situation, most famicom collectors wouldn't be interested in this, in particular.

Maybe on nintendo age or eBay you could get a higher premium from an unknowledable member, but with famicom collectors, it's honestly worth little.

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