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Atari Vulture Attack CIB cant find any pricing

Oct 04 at 10:40:50 PM
Woobie (20)

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Anyone have a general idea on price for this? CIB really good shape, bought off original owner in a lot with a few things. I see loose sold for around $100-150 (CAD), cant see any sold CIB listings. GVN has no pricing data and PC shows $1,999 and $468 (CAD) so really not sure..

Any ideas? I asked a few folks I know and nada, figure I would check here and maybe atari age (obviously thinking the later might be best)

Oct 05 at 3:00:18 AM
Richardhead (13)
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Oct 05 at 11:05:53 AM
captmorgandrinker (572)
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Oh wow. Definitely ask on AtariAge, that's a pretty insane find.

Oct 05 at 3:30:39 PM
Trade-N-Games (35)
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This is a very nice find complete. It was a NTSC release but im almost positive it was only sold in Canada so we did not include this in our book Classic 80's Home Video Games that only showed US release games.
I would say the cart should fetch $100-200 , in the past at auction this boxed would most likely go no less than $500 but it could rocket past that and i think max $1000 in the current market.


I always have some great games for sale Thanks for looking

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Oct 09 at 3:32:18 PM
Woobie (20)

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For posterity, Posted on atari just a generic taking offers. Decided I would leave it up for 24h or so just to be fair to everything / see what offers rolled in. Had some high offers (high end was 800 USD). Tossed up on ebay to what I considered "too high for anyone" (went with the average offer I got x2) so listed as $900 USD

Got hammered with offers followed by a BIN an hour after posting. So in an hour of being on ebay sold for $900 USD, maybe could of got more. Was floored by the selling price and mostly just posting the follow up in case anyone stumbles across one (Realistically I would expect to get around $600-800 USD for it, this one was immaculate shape / 100% complete so maybe that helped bump it)

Oct 13 at 9:47:53 PM
Shawn (1)
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Your copy is the most complete copy I've ever seen.