FCdevへ ようこそ

FCdevへ ようこそ
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ぼく は かんじ を いといます!ひらがな わ ゆうり です!にも じあすらーぜ は ため です! 

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Celius: I don't understand a word you said. How long have you been studying Japanese, anyways?


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I have not been studying for very long at all. I don't really speak japanese, I know some basic sentence structures, and particles, and I know Hiragana and Katakana. But I don't like kanji. What I was trying to say was:

ぼく は かんじ を いといます!ひらがな わ ゆうり です!にも じあすらーぜ は ため です!

Boku wa kanji o itoimasu (I(masc) hate kanji)! hiragana wa yuuri desu (hiragana is good)! nimo jiasu-ru wa tame desu (and spaces are good!)

Yeah, I put an actual "wa" instead of the commonly used "ha". I was told that was used instead of an actual "wa". But the nimo is placed incorrectly as well. And wherever yuuri came from, I will never know. And I cannot read kanji. There are way too many. I am studying, but I have not been studying for long at all. Not even more than a month. Is this sentence correct?:

boku no shougou wa celius desu. (My name is Celius.)
anata no shougou wa desu ka? (and your name is?)

I think it is. I may have used incorrect particles. I'm bad with particles. And bad with nihongo in general. I need to study more. That second sentence, I have no idea if it is correct or not. I highly doubt it. I want to go study more.

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There are plenty of "Learn Japanese" sites out on the internet. Do a Google search and you're bound to find a few. Most of them are complete with forums in which students can practice their Japanese.

This is not one of them.

If you don't know Japanese very well, it'd probably be good to study some more - otherwise, you might post something unintelligible and make a fool of yourself. Mind you, that would be the 'best case' scenario - in the worst case, one might accidentally offend the other Japanese users here and drive them away.

The users who post here, Japanese or otherwise, are interested in discussing Famicom hardware, much of which has not been fully researched. They are not, however, likely to be interested in discussing grammar.

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すみません。 I am learning japanese from some websites. But I haven't found any sites with forums on them. I need to go find one, now.
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Re: 日本語
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egoh wrote:

そういうわけないよ! 2年前から勉強してるけど、語彙力がちっぽけだ。辞典がまだ必要… :(
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Im ruisu...
good luck.