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[PL] Syntazer - Polski syntezator mowy na Pegasusa (3 posts)
By dawid9554 on 2019-05-03
Last post by dawid9554 on 2019-06-18
POLISH: NES Poland / Polish / Do boju polsko (4 posts)
By sdm on 2007-06-09
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NESEmDev - Russian (50 posts)
By Mirage on 2008-12-19
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Suomenkielinen NESDev-yhteisö (Finnish) (3 posts)
By qalle on 2018-10-06
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Salut à tous (7 posts)
By dale_coop on 2018-08-04
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Language: Dutch (14 posts)
By KennyB on 2007-03-10
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Blank NES Cartridge PCB with just the fingers? (4 posts)
By TheLittleDoc on 2018-08-13
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juego en 8bit para arduino (1 post)
By bazza on 2018-08-08
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pueto 45 del cartucho de family (Audio from 2A03) (23 posts)
By bazza on 2018-07-11
Last post by bazza on 2018-07-16 Русская версия сайта. (4 posts)
By alexpricker on 2013-08-28
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Comunidad nesdev hispana (95 posts)
By Ealdor on 2009-04-09
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Foreign-write questions! (6 posts)
By Zepper on 2018-06-03
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hola (español -castellano) (16 posts)
By bazza on 2017-11-24
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第一贴/First post! (8 posts)
By tpu on 2006-06-04
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Opcodes (RUS) (2 posts)
By Bionja on 2015-03-24
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How to hack a pal game to a ntsc game! (10 posts)
By byemu on 2012-11-18
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Collection nes manufactured in Brazil (9 posts)
By prevot on 2014-11-27
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Games translator nes (4 posts)
By prevot on 2014-11-27
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megaman 11 (2 posts)
By prevot on 2014-11-27
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Hexeditor (3 posts)
By mario on 2014-10-23
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Où trouver un cable video pour console NES française ? (6 posts)
By satchsatch33 on 2014-10-08
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Breaknes Wiki (1 post)
By org on 2014-01-28
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Help ! can anyone see the mistake ? (8 posts)
By turboninja on 2013-09-11
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ObjC compiler for 6502, GBA Arm and others - WIP (7 posts)
By erana on 2012-12-28
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A program to convert mapper0 to mmc1(without chr) (3 posts)
By byemu on 2012-12-04
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Question about chr to chr-ram! (7 posts)
By byemu on 2012-11-26
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Need a nes rom disasm (3 posts)
By byemu on 2012-11-22
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Well this has been a runaway success... (14 posts)
By WedNESday on 2006-09-19
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Moyen de passer des cartouches nes sur une playchoice 10 (1 post)
By idrik on 2010-10-26
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Comunidade NesDev Brasileira (1 post)
By nathanpc on 2010-05-02
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Remplacer le logo de dragon warrior par celui de dragon ques (12 posts)
By idrik on 2010-01-27
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POLISH: Mini-Tutorial - Działanie grafiki w NES (1 post)
By sdm on 2008-10-19
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Nes Unofficial SDK? (1 post)
By Anes on 2007-04-25
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