Join Us -- An unfinished work.

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Join Us -- An unfinished work.
by on (#111589)
Around 2008, a couple friends and I thought we'd learn what it was to be an international development team. It was a great learning experience. I must thank doppel and KeFF for helping me bring much of my vision to fruition with the time we had to spend together.

At minimum, I'd like a thread to be open to rekindle interest and/or open reminiscent dialogue with my colleagues. If someone or some people wish to contribute or reactivate the project they may do so at my discretion or that of the original holder of the respective position; ex: coder, musician, artist, and writer. I don't want the project to be stirred by too many hands and possibly overcooked.

In the attachment is documentation of practically anything needed to understand. Questions, comments, and light criticism are welcomed. :)
Re: Join Us -- An unfinished work.
by on (#111602)
Forgot to initialize VRAM.
Re: Join Us -- An unfinished work.
by on (#111606)
An UnGame -- like Takeshi no Chousenjou. :D
Re: Join Us -- An unfinished work.
by on (#112440)
Ah, this old thing. I remember it as though it were yesterday. Nice to see you've put a bit of polish on the original storyline there in the readme file...:-)
Re: Join Us -- An unfinished work.
by on (#113552)
This is a very interesting project! There's something satisfying about convincing a room full of people to kill themselves with huge smiles on their faces. Plus this plays into my fantasies of cult leadership :D

I'm just not sure I would want to contribute to a project that's one hunormous assembler file...
Re: Join Us -- An unfinished work.
by on (#114583)
What can I say, I like having all my code in one file instead of having to jump through multiple files trying to find a particular subroutine.