SMB Sound Tool

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SMB Sound Tool
by on (#112010)
Here's a little tool I have been working on for fun in the last couple of days:

README wrote:
SMB Sound Tool allows you to patch the Super Mario Bros. NES ROM
with custom music and sound effects made with Musetracker. The ROM
is expanded to 64KB PRG (72KB total) and mapper is changed to MMC1
with WRAM.

The mod can also be applied to existing hacks as long as the hack
hasn't made major changes to the SMB PRG ROM (such major changes would
include expanding the ROM or moving large chunks of code around).

Can somebody test it (Windows only)? Just running "apply-mod.cmd" and seeing if it spits out "SMB-modded.nes" is enough. I'm a little bit worried I may have forgotten to include some required DLLs.

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Re: SMB Sound Tool
by on (#112011)
I will try in the morning if no one does before then.
Re: SMB Sound Tool
by on (#112023)
Works on my end, And it is nice, too!!!
Re: SMB Sound Tool
by on (#112031)
Hamtaro126 wrote:
Works on my end, And it is nice, too!!!

Thanks for trying.

One DLL was indeed missing though, I've updated the package with it.