Music Composer Available

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Music Composer Available
by on (#115837)
Greetings Nesdev community.

I'm a Film composer, (Games, Commercials, Moves. Currently my schedule has opened up and I am available to take on more projects you can check my portfolio here

Currently My Schedule is opening up.

I'm also a music producer so Hip hop/R&B Electronic Dance is also possible
I can work with storyboards and rough cuts and create music for your trailer, main bgm etc.

I am open to work If interested in contacting me for your project send me a pm
Re: Music Composer Available
by on (#115838)
As you offering music composing services for NES games, it would be nice to see examples of your work for NES itself, rather than arbitrary music pieces written without serious restrictions that the NES sound hardware have.
Re: Music Composer Available
by on (#115840)
Perhaps the OP is offering original compositions, and arranging the composition for the NES is a second step to be performed by someone else with more experience with NES-specific tools. Learning FamiTracker is no Cakewalk, pardon the pun.