Famicom Z-machine

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Famicom Z-machine
by on (#121915)
I have been making some more progress on a Z-machine interpreter for the Famicom.

I have posted it on the wiki at User:Zzo38/Famicom_Z-machine to allow others to review the work-in-progress, as well as to use it for whatever other purpose you want to use it for.

I continue working on it over time, and will then update the wiki after making several changes to my local copy, too.

You are free to make a comment of it, please.
Re: Famicom Z-machine
by on (#121916)
You might find this huge monolithic C-64 based Z-machine interpreter of interest:

But I looked and it's a single huge asm file that's assembled and glued onto the Z-machine image, so it seems unlikely it's particularly useful.
Re: Famicom Z-machine
by on (#121918)
I have seen that C64 based Z-machine interpreter, after I started working on my own, actually.

However, mine isn't for the Commodore 64, so decimal mode isn't used, and the game is stored in 128K ROM and 64K RAM (the other 128K ROM and 2K RAM is used for the interpreter). Also, mine is for Z-machine versions 1, 2, and 3, rather than 4, 5, and 8. The interpreter is also optimized at compile-time for the specific game in use.

I have added a table of opcode implementation status.
Re: Famicom Z-machine
by on (#122080)
I have made various improvements, however there are still a many things missing, such as MUL, DIV, MOD, and RANDOM.