Attribute Zone

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Attribute Zone
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This game is a puzzle game designed based around the limitation of the NES/Famicom PPU where 2x2 blocks of tiles have a single attribute, and that no more than eight sprites per scanline are possible. A prototype exists in QBASIC, and a version is partially made for NES/Famicom. On NES you can play ROM levels only; on Famicom you can play ROM levels and load/save custom levels.

It is not yet complete (in fact you can't even play the game yet, but the editor is available, as well as several other things), but if you want to, you can look at what I currently have:

I am having problem with saving tape recordings using VirtuaNES, and I don't know if it is a problem with my program or not. If you have other questions about this software, you can please ask a question.