Young Oscar San (W.I.P.)

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Young Oscar San (W.I.P.)
by on (#129001)
Hi, this is my very first topic and I just started a NES project while ago. It's planned to be a side-scrolling game just like Super Mario Bros. but also combined some characteristics from other games such as Shatterhand.
It's based on past games I did long ago:
I'm actually using C with Shiru's library and other tools.

Details I plan to put:
* Players: 1-2 simultaneously.
* Genre: Adventure.
* Levels: 32 (for now).
* Styles combined: Super Mario Bros, Shatterhand, Megaman, Kirby.
* Enemies, bosses, power-ups.

Here's one screenshot for what I got so far:
(The stage won't be in the final version and some tiles/bg color will be changed later) Doing some tests, but actually checking the collisions and making them fit well.

I also have made a boxart long ago
but definitely I'll made an updated version once the project is way too far.

I'll put the file, a video and more screenshots at a later date.
This is just the beginning, but you can wish me luck :P.
Re: Project YOS W.I.P.
by on (#131103)
Image Image Image

Edited the current stage, but it's for testing only. You can download the attachment to see what i got until now.

NOTE: The small diamonds will intend to add some extra points to your score, just like SMB coins. The big ones will have key points i'll explain, someday.