SFX Editor by NovaSquirrel

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SFX Editor by NovaSquirrel
by on (#132067)
This topic is for suggesting improvements to SFX Editor by NovaSquirrel, an entry to the 2014 compo.


Let's kick it off with this post by Myask:
The SFX editor needs its bugs ironed out, and the waveform is not obviously belonging to a column. Some change making it obvious which channel each column plays on might be preferable to the current "currently-selected column's waveform only".
Re: SFX Editor by NovaSquirrel
by on (#132091)
For completion's sake,
blurb.txt wrote:
There's a bug involving "clone row" not cloning the volume byte right

Some documentation might be necessary for the following problems. It need not be in the game, though I suspect that I am lonely in the world of actually reading manuals, so it probably should be.
one has to figure out that the left column of each is volume.
It does not prevent making both of them triangle or noise.
A control combination for changing by 16 would be nice Changing "A+DPAD" to "A+↑↓←→" might fix this; I obviously didn't catch it the first time I used it. (Also, though this is personal preference, I feel right/left to be more suited to ones digit, when both axes are used, particularly if it's changed to octave/note.)

The hexadecimal system for the notes is not too intuitive. Changing to octave and note Scientific Notation display might fix (but then this makes the controls seem to do weird things, if you don't make them change by just an octave...which wouldn't be a bad idea.) This display change would also make slightly more obvious what the note column, at least, means. While it would make it slightly more cluttered/less minimalist, one could place a speaker icon to the left of each volume hexpair, and ♪ or similar to the left of each note hexpair.

Bug: The screen occasionally re-blanks on some selections and, I assume, re-blits. This makes it feel thrown-together.
Re: SFX Editor by NovaSquirrel
by on (#132880)
It's directly in hex because it was quickly thrown together (in a few days) to help me create sounds for DABG without having to assemble and start the game every time I wanted to try a small change, and it was the simplest way to do it and I could directly put the values into the sound engine.
The fact that it's intended to be a development tool is also part of the reason I didn't bother to polish it too much, the other part being that I expected the compo to be have way more content than it did, and I was putting space savings above polish. Similar logic went into Sliding Blaster blanking the screen and redrawing the whole map in response to a single change, because I expected to have more content and I didn't expect very many people to use the editor anyway so it got less priority (most people I convinced to try it didn't make use of the editor).
The main reason it's not improved is because it works fully well for its intended purpose and I've had more important projects the past month or two.
Re: SFX Editor by NovaSquirrel
by on (#132905)
Perhaps I could start a rewrite this weekend because I'll need to create a few more sound effects for RHDE Plus and Fairydust anyway. It'd look more like a traditional tracker.