FizzBuzz game

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FizzBuzz game
by on (#138112)
So I'm working on an edutainment game that implements fizzbuzz, and today I got it playable for you all to bang on.

There are a few known missing pieces:
  • Obvious placeholder message instead of the correct message for an incorrect press.
  • No win message; player must press reset after reaching 100.
  • No objective screen ("fizz is multiples of 3, buzz is multiples of 5") before the game screen.
  • Other modes (factors of 60, primes, squares, "Fibonachos") are present and tested to work but currently dummied out in the source code, rather than being introduced in later rounds as the help text implies.
  • The manual isn't written yet.

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Re: FizzBuzz game
by on (#138153)
Figures that I'd have a stack overflow while implementing a test championed by the founder of Image Stack Overflow. It was exposed during 2-player testing.

Updated download below.
Re: FizzBuzz game
by on (#138402)
New feature: shows exactly why a number is or isn't a multiple
Re: FizzBuzz game
by on (#138434)
Took me a bit to figure it out, but pretty cool concept. I can see the 2 player mode getting pretty intense.
Re: FizzBuzz game
by on (#138549)
Even if it eventually becomes a contest of who can press the 15 button sequence the fastest.

Also, nice scrolling fade effect. I vaguely remember you talking about doing that kind of fade before, but I can't find it at the moment so I may have false memory about that.
Re: FizzBuzz game
by on (#138554)
43110 wrote:
Even if it eventually becomes a contest of who can press the 15 button sequence the fastest.

I noticed that too during testing. Hopefully when I add more rounds with multiples of other primes like 7 and 11, as well as the other rules (divisors of some largely composite number like 60 or 96, primes, squares, and Fibonacci numbers), it shouldn't be quite as noticeable. It'd be like 1-1 in SMB1: some of us have enough muscle memory to do it blindfolded.

Anyway, thanks for trying it. I'll try to have multiple rounds playable by next week.
Re: FizzBuzz game
by on (#139311)
Bad weather interfered with free time, but I got the intro screen going. Now I'd like help: what to display once one player reaches 100.

Known problem: There's an artifact on the side when a 2 player game starts. I think I know how to fix that, but I'd like to do so at the same time as implementing the win animation (whatever that is).
Re: FizzBuzz game
by on (#139325)
Particle effects !