Want some free publicity for your homebrew?

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Want some free publicity for your homebrew?
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Hey all - some of you guys know me and the project I'm working on, which is both a NES game as well as a documentary about the development process, the NES homebrew community, etc. A lot of major players on this forum have been integral in this project's development, and I've had the pleasure of meeting many of you. It's been quite a trip so far! :-)

That said - something relatively big is happening next week. An early prototype for the game we've been working on will show up real quick on The Goldbergs on ABC (Adam will be playing the game on the show). During that time, the show's creators will be live tweeting about the project and whatnot. Meanwhile, we will be having a major google hangout / viewing party. During that time, I'd really love to be playing some of the homebrews from this amazing community. They could be in progress or fully finished...doesn't much matter, but the goal of this whole project is to bring attention to these labors of love that you all do and how you keep the aesthetic alive and relevant with brand new NES experiences.

If it's not your thing or you don't have anything to show yet, don't worry, there will likely be other similar opportunities. If you want us to do a little live play testing of something you have, PLEASE PM me. I'd love to see what you're working on and let people know about it if I can. :-)

We just set up this event for it all if you want to check it out:

You all rock.

Joe G
Re: Want some free publicity for your homebrew?
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And now I finally understand what you were telling me that night... :-)
Re: Want some free publicity for your homebrew?
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That's a pretty cool opportunity for you. Have fun!

As for homebrews to play at your event, here's a demo of my game: http://lizardnes.com/downloads/lizard_demo.nes
Re: Want some free publicity for your homebrew?
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Aw man great! I've been stoked to try it and anxiously awaiting my cart :-)

Will glady demo this one! Thank you for all the support and help. :-)