Retroplayer Championship 2015

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Retroplayer Championship 2015
by on (#155925)
Hello every1,


With the help of a member of a special championship cart was created.
After the NWC 2015 (a tournament only for Americans) we decieded it was time to launch our project.

I hate spamming, but this is the homebrew section and this championship cart contains hecks of well known NES games.
If you are interested, have a llok at: ... nship-2015

Thanks every1!

Re: Retroplayer Championship 2015
by on (#155929)
One question: How long before DMCA notice?
Re: Retroplayer Championship 2015
by on (#155936)
Especially because if the label's accurate, Disney (Chip 'n Dale), Nintendo (Excitebike), and Tetris (Tetris) are known for being litigious.