"Laser" puzzle game

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"Laser" puzzle game
by on (#167800)
Hey everyone,

Recently I've been working on this game, I thought I'd share the results and hopefully get some feedback. It's my second attempt at writing an NES game, so don't get your hopes up :) It's a simple puzzle game where you have to put mirrors on the board in order to make sure laser beams hit all targets, something like this:


It's a very common concept, but I'm not sure if it's ever been implemented on the NES (has it?).

What I have now is a early "alpha" version or whatever you want to call it - there is 13 levels (4 four being a very simple tutorial), graphics and sound effects suck, and there is no music. But it's playable.

You can download the ROM HERE
I've also written a simple manual, you can read it HERE

For playing the few SFX that are currently implemented, I've used GGSound

Let me know what you think, and whether you think it's worth spending more time on it :)
Re: "Laser" puzzle game
by on (#167801)
Nice! I like it.

Reminds me of an old game for my Atari ST called Laser Chess.
Re: "Laser" puzzle game
by on (#167821)
Well, this is similar to Panic Space on the FDS.

It's also similar to a popular game named Deflektor that came out in the '80s on home computers, and later on the GameBoy as "Migrain".

Cool stuff, tho!
Re: "Laser" puzzle game
by on (#167822)
I'm having trouble digging much up due to a similarly named phone app, but I seem to remember there being a PC game with the same concept called "Lazgo".

That and a similar pencil-and-paper game that I used to play with my brother called "I'm With Stupid".
Re: "Laser" puzzle game
by on (#167831)
Also sorta like MirrorMagic.
Re: "Laser" puzzle game
by on (#167860)
Some parts of Oxyd have some nifty laser puzzles too. The Incredible Machine 2 and 3 also had colored lasers that you could mix together, for activating switches and such.
Re: "Laser" puzzle game
by on (#167861)
Hey, remember every platformer ever? Those were kinda like SMB, don't you think? :wink:

EDIT: Just played the game, it was fun! :D
Re: "Laser" puzzle game
by on (#167872)
Made it as far as level 08 before my brain melted. Nice work. :beer:

I don't know if it's because I'm using a keyboard instead of a gamepad, but I found the controls really uncomfortable, especially hitting Select all the time. How about making A both place and remove mirrors, and use B to cycle the types?

To add another laser puzzle game to the pile, anyone remember a DOS shareware game called Micro?
Re: "Laser" puzzle game
by on (#167880)
Beat the game! If this had 100 or 255 levels I'd gladly buy a physical copy.
Re: "Laser" puzzle game
by on (#167883)
A level select screen would be welcome.
Re: "Laser" puzzle game
by on (#168266)
Yeah, like I said - this concept is not new :) I personally remember playing this game in the DOS era: Laser Light

I agree that the controls could be better, I'll follow Rahsennor's suggestion and change it. That will leave select free, that could be used to mute the music (if I ever add it). Level select screen would also be cool. I thought passwords will be enough, but then I guess I'd have to add a way to skip a level in case someone gets stuck. I'll remove the passwords and add the level select screen.

Thanks for the feedback!
Re: "Laser" puzzle game
by on (#168473)
This sounds like a more static version of LaserTank, something I wanted to port to the NES.