Get'em Gary on NES and Steam!

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Get'em Gary on NES and Steam!
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Hey Everyone!

As some of you may (or may not) know, I've been working on a Genesis title called Handy Harvy, and last year during the early stages of development, a buddy and I were talking about doing a NES version of the game, and within a few days had come up with all of the in game artwork. During this time, I was developing Handy Harvy (and then was side tracked with writing SecondBASIC, a BASIC compiler for the Genesis as BEX became stale, has some major bugs, etc), so I didn't have the time to learn NES ASM, and shelved it until the rest of the stuff was finished.

I reached out to a few NES programmers that I knew, to feel out if doing the programming was something they'd be interested in (I was anticipating "no's" from all of them, tbh). I spoke with Roth from Sly Dog Studios (I've known Rob for years now), and he was somewhat hesitant, but asked how much of the design was done and graphics, and he decided to tackle the project. Less than 2 weeks later, the game was finished!

So, the game has been finished since August, with a February release for the physical copies (all of the external artwork took a little longer than anticipated). As things started wrapping up for the NES release, I spoke with Derek (Gradual Games) about his recent release on Steam (The Legends of Owlia) and how he went about doing it. We started talking about his GGVM that runs Owlia, and after a little discussing on the possibility of Get'em Gary working on his platform, him and Roth both managed to get everything working perfectly in just a few days!

Now I'm trying to get Get'em Gary greenlit on Steam, and I'd like to ask the NESDev community for their support!
Here's the link to the Greenlight Page: ... =842594443

Re: Get'em Gary on NES and Steam!
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This game is super addictive, it feels just like an oldschool arcade game. Inspired by Fix it Felix, the game has a flavor all its own. I particularly enjoy the soundtrack for the game. Being the first guinea pig for GGVm that is not one of my own games, maybe I'm biased, but I AM playing it at work when I'm bored. It's fun! Hope it does well on Greenlight!
Re: Get'em Gary on NES and Steam!
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Got a Yes from me. A pretty fun Wreck It Ralph clone. All hail the squeegee that can fix windows!
Re: Get'em Gary on NES and Steam!
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Thanks for the support guys! Hopefully the votes keep rolling in and it gets greenlit soon!
Re: Get'em Gary on NES and Steam!
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Since Steam Greenlight is going away in a few weeks, I've put Get'em Gary on itch:

Also, an iOS and android port may be happening soon :)
Re: Get'em Gary on NES and Steam!
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Did no one else think of this upon reading the title? :lol: