Connect 4 (alpha v5-4-17)

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Connect 4 (alpha v5-4-17)
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Re: Connect 4 (alpha v5-4-17)
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There's literally no type of video game I enjoy more than a multiplayer boardgame. It is the most perfect combination of two of my favorite interests, and the lack of a.i. is a non-issue for me as I've never enjoyed playing board games against an a.i. For me, they exist solely for their social purposes. Really glad to see this here. :)

Moreover, if you'd like to drop the trademark issues, the game mechanics are traditional. The Captain's Mistress, I feel is the best name it has, when it is usually played with wooden balls (instead of discs) dropped into slots.
Re: Connect 4 (alpha v5-4-17)
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M_Tee wrote:
For me, [board games] exist solely for their social purposes.

Good luck with that when you move away from your friends or vice versa.
Re: Connect 4 (alpha v5-4-17)
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No need for luck. Have made long distance moves multiple times in my life, even some with major language barriers (and I'm no spry chicken). Board games have been one of my constants. They're primal, part of humankind going back as early as written history. Every culture has theirs, and being social, I've never had a problem finding someone to play board or card games with.

Moreover, anyone who has "moved away from their friends" knows how much of a pain it is to bring a board game collection with them. :)

Regardless, will be enjoying this with others soon. Wish I had a phone emulator that allowed me to toggle P1/ P2 input, would have played it earlier today on a bus ride.