Project "obituary" - T-rex riding game (gfx and bgm inside)

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Project "obituary" - T-rex riding game (gfx and bgm inside)
by on (#201869)
I got notice from the dev that this project had to be canceled for personal reasons. I was saving up a blog post for the eventual compo announcement, but since that's not longer in the pipeline, here it is. Calling it an obituary should be taken with a pinch of salt, but as it stands, this project is regrettably put on ice.

Music, graphics, and some design notes can be viewed/listened to/read here: ... rex-rider/

Or if you don't want to read the writeup, here's the stuff.
Re: Project "obituary" - T-rex riding game (gfx and bgm insi
by on (#201881)
Said project source can be found here:
It does contain some useful code, mainly packed into macros, so anyone can look into it and extract anything useful. No license, no worries