The Joy of Creation - NES Clone

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The Joy of Creation - NES Clone
by on (#202213)
Hello! I am starting a project of the 2017 horror game, "The Joy of Creation: Story Mode". However, even though I am using NESICIDE, I would love to have some helpers. Here is what I need:
Sound Designer
Sound Writer
Tile Designer
Tile Editor

As you can see, I am not very good at how a game looks: just assembly programming. It would really be a good project for us to link on! If you want to join in on the project, please reply, and I will reply back if you truly appear to have interest.

My email you can also use when I approve here will be "" Hopefully I can get some answers?

Re: The Joy of Creation - NES Clone
by on (#202281)
The Joy of Creation: Story Mode "is a Five Nights at Freddy's fan-game"


Hello, welcome to nesdev.

There's not very many artists here. Most of them are currently working on games.

You might have more luck finding NES musicians at the famitracker forum.

Good luck.