Nintendo Vs Patches

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Nintendo Vs Patches
by on (#209633)
Here is a collection of bps-patches that try to convert games from Nintendo's VS Unisystem to the NES. Not all of these patches were done by me. In order to apply these patches, you need either the program beat or Rompatcher.js. The patches require the original ROMs from GoodNES (in the case of Raid on Bungeling Bay, the (U) [!] ROM has to be used).

Most of the patches are incomplete. Some games have swapped controls, missing Free Play or wrong palette colours. The patches are intended for developers that might be interested to use them as a base for their own conversions. The patches that I'm most proud of are Vs. Atari RBI Baseball (VS) and Vs. Raid on Bungeling Bay (VS), where I was able to bypass the copy protection.

Users of an Analogue Nt mini can play these games with the instructions provided in this article.

EDIT: Patch for Vs. Raid on Bungeling Bay (VS) updated to allow for Free Play, please download again.
Re: Nintendo Vs Patches
by on (#209659)
Is there command-line version of those patching program?
Re: Nintendo Vs Patches
by on (#215886)
The Konami games for the Nintendo VS Unisystem (Castlevania, Goonies, Gradius, Top Gun) contain a rom test procedure at the beginning.

When I edit the game's rom, this rom test fails (but the game continues anyways).

Does anyone know how the checksum is calculated in these games (e.g. Top Gun) and where it is saved in the rom? I'd like to modify the checksum in the rom so that the rom test passes even with modified roms.