Mini Hiking League (with source)

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Mini Hiking League (with source)
by on (#217863)
I've been programming a version of my PC game as a NES homebrew, just for fun, as a side project. The PC game is called Super Hiking League (currently under development), so I called this Mini Hiking League. Some of you may already have seen it.

I was trying to get it working for a while, but only when I found dougeff's tutorial it really came together and I could produce more and more features (game states, controller reading, music, etc). I could never get something to appear on screen, so I feel like I've been making a lot of progress, though I know it's far from being a platformer game (it doesn't even have tile collision). I am not using C at all though, I have skipped using cc65.exe and went all asm.

I'm not sure what this will become, but I've been having fun experimenting! As you can see I was trying some "transparency" effects. Macbee showed me some techniques and I think that alternating the CHR can make some nice effect as seen on the light beam. The block at the front uses regular sprites flicker to simulate transparency, which is used on several commercial games, but I feel like CHR switching makes it really nice.

Here's the ROM for you to play with:


Also, the songs styles don't fit the visual style, but I was just happy to make something that resembles a song, so I put it there.

edit: source here!

edit2: updated the project file with better handling of nmi and vblank. Also, added a pause system. (v00013)
Re: Mini Hiking League
by on (#217865)
This looks really nice! I'm excited to see where it goes.

I realize it's just an early prototype, but the fact that my character moves quickly at first and then slows down feels really weird. But I assume that's all going to change, eh?

Nice job!
Re: Mini Hiking League
by on (#217874)
Nice looking project! I'm looking forward to see how it develops. :)

quote wrote:
but the fact that my character moves quickly at first and then slows down feels really weird.

It seems it is not slowing down as much as it simply is halting and not moving at all once you've pushed enough to the right to start scrolling (and since the scrolling takes place, it still looks like moving).
Re: Mini Hiking League
by on (#217875)
Yeah, it's the scrolling, and the fact that the other character moves at the same speed, and the fact that neither have a walking animation. All of these together may be creating the sense that speed has slowed down. But! I was working on the scrolling before I posted this and there's sometimes a bug with it that allows the player to move beyond the scroll point a little bit with some acceleration. That may also cause strangeness.

edit: I just checked, and the speed when scrolling was 1, while the speed before reaching the scrolling point was 2. Fixed (and added a few more characters that don't walk but face the player).

edit2: I've made a blog post and released the current source for this. It's a project that works just by unziping the file and running the compile.bat. No extra configuration or installation required.
Re: Mini Hiking League (with source)
by on (#218604)
This is a nice little demo . The graphics are stunning! I hope you keep working on this one
Re: Mini Hiking League (with source)
by on (#218936)
Looks great, I love how colourful the graphics are!
Good luck with its development, I Can't wait to see what it becomes.