New Game - Bootèe

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New Game - Bootèe
by on (#218716)
Simple game created using our upcoming MK1_NES/AGNES engine & framework.

The Game

The Three Legendary Stars of Power! OF POWERRRR!!! – Everybody shouted. Because those stars were so powerful that you only could talk about them shouting. And Cheril heard.

“What are they? It’s a mystery!” – Cheril couldn’t think about anything else.

“You will need help, girl!” – said a strange little man who appeared from behind a huge pot – “perils are evil! It’s crazy to go there without a proper vehicle”.

And not knowing exactly how, Cheril found herself enclosed up to her armpits in a huge boot with a thick sole.

“But how are I supposed to control thi…” – shouted, as she disappeared leaping into the horizon…


  • D-Pad moves Cheril.
  • B (charge & release): spit.

Pressing down in the D-Pad makes Cheril crouch and jump lower. The spit may help you by displacing some enemies a bit and get them out of your way.

In the title screen, press START for a new game.

Download the ROM. Sources coming soon.
Re: New Game - Bootèe
by on (#218735)
I saw the title font for this on a blog somewhere and it looked great - can't wait to try it.
Re: New Game - Bootèe
by on (#218753)
The title and theme are clever.

Well done.
Re: New Game - Bootèe
by on (#218770)
Thanks for sharing this new game bootee,i will download and try it soon!