Mega Man 9 NES Project

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Mega Man 9 NES Project
by on (#219383)
Ever since the release of Mega Man 9, I have always wanted an actual NES cartridge of the game. The limited release of the Press Kit further fueled this ambition.

I have created a Discord Server strictly for development purposes.

With this project, I want to create a version as faithful to the original game as possible, with an engine that is not simply a ROM hack of an NES installment.

Link that’ll never expire:
Re: Mega Man 9 NES Project
by on (#219385)
I hope you go more far than I did. You will encounter your first wall once you realise that the game doesn’t respect the nes ratio for the screen, causing missing data for the background and causing issues for vertical transitions. You will have to decide how to compromise on that part.

Still, have fun with your project :)
Re: Mega Man 9 NES Project
by on (#219428)
it's been attempted many times before, and there are "many" reasons and factors that makes it impossible to do on NES, the mm9 breaks many NES limits that you simply cant do on in NES form.

here's a topic a few years ago of someone trying it out, but ultimately just cant be done..
Re: Mega Man 9 NES Project
by on (#219435)
It may not be possible 1:1, but if you're willing to make compromises and adapt some things, it may be possible to make something reasonably similar to the original.
Re: Mega Man 9 NES Project
by on (#219448)
Honestly looking at that thread I didn't see many problems pointed out other than "it's a lot of work" and "there's one level with more than 256 bg tiles". You can use a few less tiles here and there and I doubt anyone would notice unless looking hard for it.
Re: Mega Man 9 NES Project
by on (#219535)
The scrolling issue for example could be handled with pattern blanking on the topmost and bottommost scanlines (à la Jurassic Park, relatively simple if you're using the MMC3) and a scrolling engine that doesn't require the screen to be vertically aligned with the name tables (i.e. an 8-way engine).
Re: Mega Man 9 NES Project
by on (#222706)
i only want to say that i had this same idea but for mm7, 8 , 9 and 10. (dunno if there's carts for any other than 9).
i wanted to do it so bad and tried to recruit some people. but everyone thought i was crazy :)
good luck with this!!!!!