NESmaker video for first draft of HUD designer

NESmaker video for first draft of HUD designer
by on (#219581)
I know some of you are at least passively curious as to the development of this tool, and what the front end will look like, and how it works with the underlying ASM, etc.

Here's a link to the current feature video for the first draft of our HUD designer. It allows users to create custom sized boxes, give placement, establish screen boundaries, and load in up to 8 "elements" into a single box, which include images tied to variable (with definitions for empty and full empty/full hearts), static text, display numeric variables, static images, and variable images (like weapon choice - not shown in this video, but only because we are still tweaking automating the table referencing).

If you're interested, check it out! :-)

Also, for those who were under the impression that our goal was to help people sidestep ASM, quite the contrary. We're trying to grow the base of people capable of building NES games by introducing them to ASM in a way that doesn't discourage young folks, and have them running for tools like GameMaker or Unity instead. We feel very validated and humbled by feedback on our forums like this: