September look at some NESmaker made projects

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September look at some NESmaker made projects
by on (#225469)
In the last few weeks, we've seen a bunch of cool projects started. Some stay pretty close to the tutorials, but some stray pretty far and digging deep in the ASM (even with zero previous coding experience...threads like this:, and look absolutely amazing. Most are demos and proofs of concept. As the code base builds, these games will get better and better, but I thought you guys would like to see what people are doing with it so far. The tool still has a long way to go, but super happy to see this after only a few weeks!

Check it out, if you're interested :-)
Re: September look at some NESmaker made projects
by on (#225487)
I took the time to watch the video and although they are no scrolling yet (since it is a limitation of the current engine) there is some potential in many of the title. Some are graphically good too. It's hard to judge aesthetic since I do not now which are the provided samples assets (music was the most obvious one when used) but in general they are shaping to be quite interesting.

What I can say is "good job!" for them and hope they can finish they project using the current limitation as way to be creative, which seems to be one of the case for the up/down map direction that was not available but they modified themselves.