Survive To Survival ( working title )

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Survive To Survival ( working title )
by on (#230232)
Hello to everyone,
I'm working on my own Nes Game, the main idea is to create a "Survival" game, where you are stuck in a room with Zombies that try to kill you. Your ammo are limited, so an "helicopter" will give you ammo every time to help you to survive as long as you can to hit the high scores. Zombies will respaw in random point and they will try to kill you when they are too near. The idea is simple, but it's really challenging to me because it's my first Nes game in ASM 6052. By the way, for now the game allow you to:

- Move in 8 direction with the arrow keys.
- Point the "gun" in 8 directions by pressing B.
- Shoot in 8 directions by pointing gun and pressing A.
- Shooting rate that allow only two projectile at time.
- Zombie will just reach you, but it now not will kill you.
- Collision detection with 2 projectiles and the Zombie.
- Zombie will stuck for a second when it's hit by a projectile.

The game is developed using NesAsm, on a 40Kb Cartridge ( for now ). I will release all source code for free when the game is finished. The graphics and sounds will be the last thing that I will do, for now my goal is to complete all gameplay features, game states, high scores, tuning etc etc. I'm working on this in my free time, any suggestions is welcome :).

If someone want to try the prototype, you can download it at: ... ysHropNMg3

I will update the topic and the game as soon as I can. :)

Re: Survive To Survival ( working title )
by on (#230928)
Cool. I like the idea of making it a zombie shooter.
Re: Survive To Survival ( working title )
by on (#232590)
A little update: The previous project gets a little change, I can't manage a lot of elements on the screen so i pivoted to an Arcade style game where you have to hit random moles to accumulate time and points. The graphics is a complete placeholder, but the gameplay and game state are more or less to the end.

This is my first game on NES, I hope to complete it as soon as I can so I will release the source code. :) Any feedback is appreciated.

Re: Survive To Survival ( working title )
by on (#234594)
Some little news! Now there are some "Fake Moles" that freeze you when you hit the wrong mole. If anyone want to try the game to give me some feedback is welcome!

The Rules are:

- Move in 4 directions
- Hit the Mole ( the brightest )
- You can hit the Mole only if it not hiding
- Every Mole Hitten give you 2 seconds
- If you hit the moles without misses you increase the Chain combo that give you more points

The graphics is a placeholder :). Enjoy!