Over Crispd (GGJ 2019)

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Over Crispd (GGJ 2019)
by on (#232974)
The Global Game Jam is a wrap! I successfully convinced somebody to work an NES game again this year. It didn't turn out as magically good as the game I worked on last year, but we finished it in less than 48 hours. :D

Basically Similar to Overcooked, but you are editing genes. Like Overcooked, it's much more fun to play it cooperatively. The premise is to take the DNA on the left and rearrange it to match the pattern on the right using the splicing, dicing and rotator machines.


GGJ page is here:

Web playable here:
http://files.slembcke.net/temp/nes-embe ... rispd.html

ROM download here.
http://files.slembcke.net/temp/nes-embe ... crispd.nes

Sadly we started running out of time to get all the content into the game, so there is just the one level. The code is pretty terrible, even for game jam standards (lol). I really had to start hard coding things and rushing it to completion. It's playable though, and does give me some ideas on how I'd make the game more unique if I started over on it.