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Hi everyone !

I wanted to share a French homebrew project in development with you: SaturdayMan.
First I want to say that I'm in no way part of this project. I may help them at some point on the cartridge production but even that is not 100% sure for now.

That being said, they released the first demo of the game this week, and you can download the ROM here : (middle column, click on "Téléchargez la ROM DEMO ici").
Note that your emulator must be configured in PAL mode (should be automatic when loading the ROM though).

Soundtrack is available here :

There's still no release date available for now, but the game is still in active development. So as for a lot of other homebrew projects, be patient (easier said than done I know). I know that Denis, the coder, is putting a lot of effort into this one.

Please don't ask me questions about the release date, the crowdfunding campaign and so on, because I won't have answers :)
But feel free to tell me what are your thoughts about the game, gameplay etc !

Have fun :)



Re: SaturdayMan
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Haha, that's awesome! Just played it for a little bit.

I'm really loving this soundtrack (with all the arps europeans are known for). Also, I'm quite impressed by how they made the whole beat 'em up + platforming setup work. There's a lot of ways in which that z-axis can get wonky :lol:

With that said, I've encountered a couple of issues. First of, the game seems to rely either on initialized mapper state or initialized RAM (or both, I'm not sure. All I know is that disabling the option to randomize those in Mesen makes the game behave properly). Secondly, the first boss seems to have quite a bit of slowdown of some attacks, tho I suppose that's something the developers are already aware of.