Bushido Bomb

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Bushido Bomb
by on (#239715)
Bushido Bomb is a simple 2 player platform fighter. Its a hobby, open source, home brew project made to run on the nes. The objective is to die the least and the first player to get 9 deaths loose the match. You die in one hit, the idea came from the game Bushido Blade on the PS1. The player’s are bombs and you attack each other with a lit torch. The players and inside jokes on the map bomb basement are based off the video game website GiantBomb.

a: jump
b: attack
start: pause
select: returns to main menu when in pause
left/right: move
down + attack: block
down + jump: fall though platform
pressing attack or block before hitting a wall will make you bounce off the wall if you already have momentum.


This is the fist nes game I have made, I have little idea of what I was doing. The game is NTSC only. Rom here:
BushidoBomb.nes [40.02 KiB]
Downloaded 209 times

Or code and rom here:
Re: Bushido Bomb
by on (#239722)
It looks pretty cool, I'll have to try this with 2P sometime. I like those reflections on the pit level.
Re: Bushido Bomb
by on (#239785)
Update, I added smoke effects and attempted to add sound effects. I updated the rom in the first post and the github link.

I liked making this, this was my first time to make something this old and my first time with machine code. I feel like its fun for recreational programming. I feel like anyone who likes to make games should try making a 40k nes game. It was fun thinking how to make something fit in such limited resources. I also learned more about how things are done at such a low level. :D
Re: Bushido Bomb
by on (#239949)
Very very cool. I will have to fire it up and give it a play!
Re: Bushido Bomb
by on (#240001)
Maybe it's worth copying the last line of background tiles from the first screen, to the beginning of the second one? (23A0-23BF copy to 2800-281F). It's about the screen shake effect, in PAL you can see the black bar at the bottom (the first line of tiles appears on the second screen when the screen shakes).