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I ported Berzerk from arcades to our beloved console.
Unfortunately it's only available in digital format 'cause I live outside US and would be impracticable to ship overseas, but if anyone is interesed to publish it just let me know.
Get it here:

I like to thank the entire NesDev community specially @rainwarrior and @dougeff who helped me in those darkest hours ;)

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Re: Berzerk
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I have a suggestion about this kind of sale: You should include the mapper number in the description.
Re: Berzerk
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You're right. I added the ROM info.
Re: Berzerk
by on (#240592)
I saw a comment about the game not working on the NES Classic; may I recommend providing a port to MMC1 alongside the mapper 180 version? Assuming the MMC1 has been completely implemented, it supports putting the fixed bank at $8000 and the switchable bank at $C000, and you can expect emulators to always give MMC1 RAM at $6000-$7FFF, where it's more up in the air for discrete mappers if the emulators are not NES 2.0-aware.
Re: Berzerk
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I was thinking to use mappers 11 or 66 but MMC1 is also a good option to consider. Thank you for point that out.
The problem is that I no longer have a NES Mini to test (traded mine by a real Famicom)...if anyone who have one is interested to test just send me a pvt.
Re: Berzerk
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Why do you need such an obscure mapper like the one for "Crazy Climber" or from Color Dreams? Wouldn't the game run on a simple UNROM cartridge?
Re: Berzerk
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tl;dr: Use MMC1

One of the big draws of Berzerk is its wide variety of voice clips. But the NES CPU's DMA unit can read DPCM samples only from $C000-$FFFF. UNROM (2) cannot bankswitch $C000-$FFFF. UNROM (180) as used in Crazy Climber can, as can MMC1. The other options are A. not using so many samples or B. freezing gameplay until the sample completes (as Blades of Steel, Bases Loaded, and Racket Attack do).
Re: Berzerk
by on (#240681)
I followed the recommendations of @NovaSquirrel and @tepples and provided an MMC1 version. It was tested on NES Mini and works.
Thank you.
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I wouldn't label the MMC1 version as "NES Mini" on your website. There's nothing really NES Mini-specific with an MMC1 mapper.

In fact, is there a reason to offer the other version with the obscure mapper at all anymore? Shouldn't the MMC1 version be the new master version since it's one of the most common headers?
Re: Berzerk
by on (#240695)
I chose this mapper cause I wanted a cheap and easy one to put in a real cart, also as a challenge for myself to use resources compatibles in the time where the game would be made.
The MMC1 port is just a workaround to let people play it on NES Mini.
That being said, the file name of the MMC1 port is just to keep things simple for those who don't have all the tech knowledge that we do.