Rollie (Live on Kickstarter NOW)

Rollie (Live on Kickstarter NOW)
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NOTE: Kickstarter for Rollie is now live. Link below. ... ntendo-nes

Runs from August 31st - September 30th


I have effectively finished my first NES homebrew game, the side scrolling platformer, Rollie.

However, it is not quite available yet. Like most NES releases nowadays, there will be a kickstarter for it. I still have to do a bunch of promotional work and finalizing deals with people-- basically stuff that doesn't really involve work on the actual game but needs to be done. I'll post the links and what not when that begins.

This youtube video shows some of the gameplay and is something of a trailer:

The strong point of this game is its gameplay, physics, controls, and wide range of abilities for the player to use in order to get past obstacles. The game's most significant mechanic is that the player can roll into a ball and bounce around everywhere. The scale in terms of length and depth is about that of Super Mario Bros 1. The idea was to get a smaller scale game, perfect coding and data practices done before working on a larger game using the same source code, which I hope to do someday after this release is final.

The game also has its own website, which I plan on posting updates, content, and other things related to the game.


This GIF image shows some gameplay from the title screen, which includes a two player mode where the players switch between each other.
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hey man, we met briefly at PRGE last year, nice to see you've completed your game!
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Hi, thanks! I remember you, Project Blue.

I still need to try that out. It looks like the type of game I always wanted to make as a kid.
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Will there be bosses in this game? Looks cool. Also, is your kickstarter going to be for physical cartridges?
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Drozerix wrote:
Will there be bosses in this game?

The trailer sure has a few sections in it that look like boss battles.
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At the end of each stage is a miniboss battle. Kickstarter will be primarily for physical cartridges, but also doing some digital releases. Nothing too specific at the moment.
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I fully support you doing whatever sort of release you like, but just wanted to say that there are plenty of us out there that would be interested in buying a NES rom. (as opposed to some sort of bundled emulator-on-the-pc thing)
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An interesting anecdote, today I went to meet some homebrewer in Japan and I talked a lot about kicketstarter, release rom etc. For them, releasing a rom for sale is quite "unusual" and don't expect to do that. There is one group that did it but the sales were very, very low. So releasing a rom is something more popular/common in America/Europe than Japan.

I will try to guide them to release their game as rom version but I guess they are not ready for that yet ;)
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I am delaying the Kickstarter to mid-August.

I have estimated that I am not going to be able to pull off all of the work that is going into the launch.
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Kickstarter is now live, link is at the top of the first post.
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I think its so neat to see new nes games! congrats on finishing this!
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Thank you!

Finishing a game is tough, so it's good to know people appreciate it!