Gradius III Total Terror 8/16 bit style Game

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Gradius III Total Terror 8/16 bit style Game
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Genre: horizontally scrolling shooter, side-scrolling shooter

OS: Win32, Linux 32/64, DOS.

Engine type: self-made

Similars: Gradius3 (SNES, MAME); Gradius IV (MAME); Gradius I, II (NES); Gradius Advanced (GBA)

Development environment, programming language: Visual Studio, mingw, Open Watcom, DJGPP

Availability: free, freeware

Release date: May 31, 2019

Game website:

Contacts for feedback:

1) Comments, YouTube channel PM:

2) e-mail: admin [dog]

Download the game: - under the video link is "DOWNLOAD THE GAME". (Windows, build 06/24/2019) (Linux, build 06/30/2019) (DOS, build on 07/18/2019)
Re: Gradius III Total Terror 8/16 bit style Game
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Development Team: 2 men. Mostly programmers, with little artists skills.

We are fans of the "Gradius" series of games released on NES, SNES, and arcade machines.

The game is a 2D space shooter with a third-person side view. Flight direction - to the right.

The game is made as a remake - it strongly resembles Gradius3 under SNES, but with its original elements! :)

Locations, opponents, bosses - everything is here: from similarity to Gradius3, to original solutions! :D

Your task is to fly around 4 planets and defeat the opponents who have captured these planets and are conducting activities to pollute them.

Locations, the behavior of enemies and bosses - is determined, the brain, as the game progresses, gradually remembers the locations and habits of the enemy, in the end - we move further and further and go through the game to the end!

The game was created with an important rule: "Each level is unique!" Terrain, opponents: on each planet - different! No repetitions!

Control Keys:
Enter - start / pause
Arrows - ship control
Left Ctrl - firing ammo (number of shots - infinity)
Left Alt - bomb drop (maximum number - three)
Esc - exit the game immediately
Re: Gradius III Total Terror 8/16 bit style Game
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There are some screenshots from Gradius III Total Terror Game:









Re: Gradius III Total Terror 8/16 bit style Game
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Icon Descriptions:

- bullets:


Each type of bullet is unique: different kill power, speed and direction.
Most bullets can progress - re-taking the same bullet icon increases the size and killing power!
In case of defeat to the player - bullets and bombs are reset, 1 life is taken, the 1st type of bullet is set.

- bombs:


Only three types: "dried apricots", "balls" and "coin":


"Dried apricots" - a directional bomb, the direction coincides with the direction of the player’s ship
"Balls" - falls down and scatters into a series of small explosions
"Coin" - falls down, a punched, but powerful blow

Bombs simplify the passage of the game in cases where the enemy is below.

- +1 life:


Adds one player life. At the beginning of the game, 3 lives are given. Each time for a set of +3000 points in the game, +1 life is given.
Each hostile element in the game takes -1 life. Touching the enemy, their cartridges, touching the platforms -1 life.
When defeated with zero life, the current level of the game ends and starts from the beginning.
If you get to the Boss, then in case of loss, you will replay from it! :)

- temporary immortality:


Simplifies the passage of the game.

- extra:


Grenade: Kills all enemies in the frame.