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by on (#73661)
I made some changes to PPMCK, including tail recursion, custom tuning, labels, and command to include your own effect codes in a music. I make some musics with it.

by on (#73720)
The custom tuning idea sounds pretty neat, I've been curious about trying something with that sometime. If you have some NSFs/MMLs to post sometime that use it, that would be cool to see. If you need a place to upload, I can give you an account on my server.

by on (#73726)
I have not posted the program yet, but I have made three files (one of which uses custom tuning).

Here they are (not much yet, sorry): http://zzo38computer.org/prog/mck/music/

by on (#73761)
Some more info on what new features you've added and how they're supposed to be used would be good, if other people want to try them.