Found on Slashdot: NES breathalyzer

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Found on Slashdot: NES breathalyzer
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Someone put the guts of a breathalyzer in the case of an NES cartridge and connected it to a controller port.

Calculate Your DrunkenNES, via Slashdot

by on (#75022)
Haha, very cool.

by on (#75062)
That gives a new reason to blow the cartridge.

by on (#75063)
You mean the only reason! XD

by on (#75108)
O_O omg!
I am making that for the next party lol.
[Questionable satellite TV link removed by MOD]

Code in a really bad one for the guy no one likes and instead of the frog popping up saying you're drunk; have the guys from Cho Aniki pop up saying he made their day :lol:

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High Score!

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sleepy9090 wrote:
High Score!

In the "Alco-hall of Fame" no less!

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Oh, Slashdot! What won't you defile?