Arcade Action 84-in-1 Romdump

Arcade Action 84-in-1 Romdump
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Hey dudes.

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Yesterday I was in the NesDev IRC Channel, and I was talking about the PowerJoy PJ-008 thing.

In holland this thing was sold on some homeshopping commercial under the name of "Arcade Action", a Famiclone which looked like the N64...
It was sold for 60 euros and came bundled with 2 controllers, a gun (zapper) and 1 60pin famicom style cartridge containing 84 games.
This is the device I am talking about:

The thing was sold in foreign countries as the Powejoy PJ-008.
This is the same device, but instead of a was stuffed in a gamepad. The cartridge that came with it is exactly the same thing as the "Arcade-Action".

So I kind of got hold of the cartridge and got it dumped.
It uses some mapper (mapper 126) which I have never seen before.
Is this a more used mapper in multicarts ? And is it compatible with the Powerpak ?

If so, is somebody interrested in the rom ?
As far as I can tell, it's not in the Good- and NonGoodNES compilations.

The funniest thing on the cart is a game Called Pandamar, which is Super Mario Brothers completly sprite- and music hacked!!
see the video here:

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Multis typically have a PRG ROM bigger than 512 KiB, which will not work in a PowerPak.

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hey !
The PRG is 2048kb :P
The CHR is 1024kb .
So powerpak support.

Well it plays fine in Nintendulator.
Anyone wanna give it a go?