Famicom Disk Drive Multi-Game menu

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Famicom Disk Drive Multi-Game menu
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Hi everyone,
I'm working on an emulated floppy drive for the famicom disk system. Similar Idea to the old dos fdsloadr, except this is self contained with just arduino + sdcard so no need for an old pc to run the software. Progress is good, i have roms loading off sd card and disks with multiple sides are working. I'm going to try to get writes working this week. Anyhow, I'm thinking that I would like a multi-cart style menu to select the roms. So, the basic idea i am thinking is that the menu rom loads by default upon startup and the menu can just notify the arduino using the write data line. I could just monitor the line for specific data combination to differentiate from an actual game save. So my question is, is anyone interested in programming the menu? It's basically just a complete list of famicom games and lets the user select one to load.
Re: Famicom Disk Drive Multi-Game menu
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Nobody's replied in this thread, but I'd like to let you know that your idea sounds pretty cool! I'd write a menu program if I had the free time, but with a new baby in my life, that'll never be the case. Anyway, keep developing it, and I'd love to be an alpha tester if you ever need one. :wink: :wink:
Re: Famicom Disk Drive Multi-Game menu
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I also think this is a neat idea. I have an FDSLoadr cable but I haven't gotten a parallel port set up on my computer yet so I've been putting off trying it. It'd be great to have a more accessible hardware solution to this.
Re: Famicom Disk Drive Multi-Game menu
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This is an interesting project. Do you have a project webpage or anything else with more details to share? Sharing more about your project will give you better chances of finding someone to write the menu. With unlimited time I'm sure most people would love to jump in (including myself). You'd have a better chance tearing people away from other time obligations if we knew more about the details and could see your organization and such.

Keep in mind though that your best bet and opportunity for success is to jump in, learn assembly and the NES and do it yourself. :)
Re: Famicom Disk Drive Multi-Game menu
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Making a FDS menu is like making a NROM menu: If you are planning for GPL'd games, Try to look at no-carrier's 9999-in-1's menu to know how to set up a NES menu!

Maybe using it as a UNOFFICIAL DEV SYSTEM can be sweet, but it's 2013, so it's too late. Although Hacker International and Sunsoft used this method with the FDS disks back in 1986!

FDS requires you to use the standard BIOS functions to use features common in carts, (Mirroring, Set Screen Options, etc) and Finally instead of Bank Switches, You have to use the Load to RAM feature (Which has a really complex way to manage NAM, CHR and PRG in RAM)!
Re: Famicom Disk Drive Multi-Game menu
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Would've liked to have seen the result of this project, but looks like beamracer hasn't been online in over three months...