estrange things in dd2 y dd3

estrange things in dd2 y dd3
by on (#14846)
I have a bug related to Double Dragon 2 and 3 (MMC3), this not happens in other games using this mapper.
When the player is hited, more preccisely when it falls in the ground due a "hit" all the "energy" is set to "0" i mean the player lost the life.
It would seem a CPU bug, but i think i have the CPU well while nestest.nes throws me all "ok".
Regarding the rom "dump" it seems to be ok too, i mean im using a NTSC rom dumped from the original (at least it appears that). I also tested in another rom dumps.
Finishing the rom seems to use llegal opcodes and my emu dont throw me and invalid one (or illegal one).

any idea?