help !Powerpak Nintendo world championships? help with time?

help !Powerpak Nintendo world championships? help with time?
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Could someone help me with NWC on the powerpak i want to play on the official time setting but can not get the rom to work on this setting please help??? i think it is standard setting is at 5:20 minutes which is wrong i know. I heard some people on here know how to do it. i beleive that bunny boy never made a mapper for this game set to the correct time. on powerpak but what do i know if thats the case or something else>> i want the official time of 6 minutes and 21 seconds if possible or close?

correct me if iam wrong on any of the above...... PLEASE HELP????

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Please post in the existing topics about this, which have been moved to NES Hardware because they're not about emulation. If you create one more topic about this, you will be blocked from posting to the forum for two weeks.