Any mapper 0 game(s) that used Save-RAM ($6000-7FFF)?

Any mapper 0 game(s) that used Save-RAM ($6000-7FFF)?
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Hello all,

I'm getting lots of totally _awesome_ stuff done with my FPGA-based NES. I will post an update to my website soon. But in the interim I was hoping you guys could help me find a game. I have a feeling that it D.N.E. but I'm looking for a mapper 0 game that utilizes the Save-RAM space ($6000-7FFF). Any help? I'd like to have it so I can run some tests on my existing hardware. Thanks in advance!!


Jonathon :)

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I don't think any comercial roms used that space.
But I once hacked an FDS game to be mapper #0 with SRAM. Just stuck a small loader on to copy the appropriate area to SRAM, then jump into the game. (I also used simple RLE to make it a tad smaller so the loader would fit.)
Some emulators refused to run it (mapper #0 isn't supposed to have sram), others ran it fine.

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The only one I can remember is Family Basic.

Any emulator supporting NES 2.0 is supposed to let the ROM specify how much RAM is present.