Offer to help

Offer to help
by on (#195714)
I may not do an entry for this competition. But, I am offering free technical assistance for anyone who does want to do an entry.

For example, I know all the major music engines like the back of my hand...and at least one of the entries had no sound. So, I could assist in getting the music code to work.

Let me know. And don't wait until there is 1 week left and ask me to do all the music for your game.

I also write music.
Re: Offer to help
by on (#199548)
Given my very busy schedule, I might do something very very Jumpman, or Miner 2049er, or Donkey Kong. Basic platform and ladder, collect something game.

Anyone have any ideas for a name / theme?

I thought of 'banana brothers' but that name might be trademarked.
Re: Offer to help
by on (#199556)
Setting: U.S.A. in the 1930s during the alcohol ban.
Re: Offer to help
by on (#199559)
I was actually going to suggest a historical setting. American prohibition could lend itself well.

*Obscure historical setting.
*Peculiar Job (Workplace).
*Interesting or overlooked aspect of the animal kingdom
*Any of those contrasted by a scifi/fantasy element
Re: Offer to help
by on (#199560)
Having to clean up illegal brick warehouses before the cops arrive in a noir setting seems like a great idea for an old-schooler.
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by on (#199561)
Setting: U.S.A. in the 1930s during the alcohol ban.

How does this work? Are you a drunk trying to locate drinks on the screen before the cops catch you?

Did anyone here play 'Keystone Kapers' ? I imagine the police would be like that... like some Benny Hill parody cop with a big hat and running around hitting people with a stick.

Peculiar Job

I had an idea of a janitor, tasked with cleaning a dirty room.
Re: Offer to help
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There was this game called "dubbelmoral" (double standards) that pretty much every mac owner in sweden had played in the early 90:s

you're a student at a renowned university. You get "good points" by staying in your room studying, and (iirc) everytime your mother comes into your room during a slightly irregular check-up. Else she fries meatballs. While she's in the kitchen taking care of you, you have the option to sneak out the window and run about town getting "bad points" for every bottle of beer you find and drink. Look out for the priest sneaking out of church on the same mission. And beware of your mother finding your room empty. She'll hunt you down.

Layout: You always see a cross-section of your home at the bottom of the screen. The top changes screen by screen as you nice from one location to the next.

edit: found it
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That's SO Swedish. :D
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It even came with a built in recipe in the about/help dialogue :lol: