Connecting Multiple Game Systems to HDMI TV

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Connecting Multiple Game Systems to HDMI TV
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Do any members on this forum have a TV and game setup with multiple game systems hooked up to a TV with HDMI input? I would like to find a cabinet that is designed to hold between 5 and 8 game systems and a TV. The systems I am considering are the Atari 2600, NES, Sega Genesis, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, XBox, and XBox 360. I also would need a hub that could manage all of the inputs, ranging from composite (RCA) for early game systems, component, S-Video, and HDMI. All of the varying outputs would have to become an HDMI input to the TV eventually.

Any help where to start, pictures of your setup, or links to purchase the right items?
Re: Connecting Multiple Game Systems to HDMI TV
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Forget the step of converting composite into HDMI, unless you want to pay a lot of money. Unless of course your TV has no composite input at all.
You can get really cheap composite video switches.
You can also get inexpensive HDMI switches as well.
It would probably be best to have one input for composite video, and one input for HDMI.

Also note that equipment that handles 240p (instead of 480i) is hard to come by. Even a box that turns 240p video into HDMI will run $500.
Best to just get an old TV for old games.
Re: Connecting Multiple Game Systems to HDMI TV
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To clarify: I don't want to modify my game systems to output HDMI or video or audio quality better than they were originally. I want to hook them up so they can work on my newer TV that has HDMI inputs. I've looked into hubs that take composite video in and output in HDMI. Such devices don't improve the picture but probably just offer a way to get the systems to work on a TV with HDMI.

Something similar in scope to this:
Re: Connecting Multiple Game Systems to HDMI TV
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If you are still looking for something, I bought one of these Audio Video signal switcher from Radio Shack for $15. Here is a comparable picture of the backside if this will work for you. ... 5889.html#

Also I am kind of assuming you have at least one rca port.
Re: Connecting Multiple Game Systems to HDMI TV
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I am familiar with switches like that with multiple RCA inputs and an RCA output. That is good for the earlier game systems. I want to connect others that have different a/v connections. The original XBox has a component cable and the XBox 360 later model has an HDMI. So to hook all of these to my TV for a game center requires fiddling with cables to plug one at a time into the TV and that assumes that a flatscreen TV has one of each input on it.

Is there a switch for component video and a switch for HDMI inputs? I suppose I could buy a switch for each type of cable, so one for RCA, one for component, and one for HDMI.
Re: Connecting Multiple Game Systems to HDMI TV
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No promises as to quality, but searching for "component video switch" and "hdmi switch" yield some promising options.

Some TVs can accept composite input in on the Y component input, although I can't say whether that's true for yours. (Doesn't help with S-video...)
Re: Connecting Multiple Game Systems to HDMI TV
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Here is one from Wal-Mart with RCA and S-Video. ... eo/3312963
No luck finding one with rca, svideo and hmdi yet. I will keep digging around a bit longer and see if I can find a better alternative for you as well.

Edit: Might be better to just buy the rca+svideo and get a hdmi switch as well. Here is a buy it now 4 port HDMI for $15 on Ebay. ... 1708828493