Emulation of Rad Racer and 3d-Worldrunner 's 3d mode

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Emulation of Rad Racer and 3d-Worldrunner 's 3d mode
by on (#1412)
I tried Rad Racer and 3d-Worldrunner with some red 'n' blue glasses I found in another package, scince I don't own both of them.
The red channel (left eye) looked okay with many emulators, but the blue channel (right eye) show many gliches from the red channel, the emulator who does it the best is Nestopia. And I also have to turn off greed channel on my screen to reduces gliches on the blue channel, so with Nestopia it looked decent.
I ask myself if :
- My glasses are old
- My new LCD screen is too much different from old analog TV screens
- The emulators emulates badly the red-like colors (scince they can be shown trough a blue filter).
by on (#13350)
I Have Both Cartridges They Work fine with regular 3d glases Maybe It's
Something wrong with your pc or mac.

by on (#13356)
No, emulators only approximate the colors shown on the real screen, and that may be the cause of 3D mode of those games not working in emulation. I do have neither cartridges, anyway, so I cannot know how it looks on the real screen.
I tried this very very long ago. I think I should retry with the latest version of Nestopia and NTSC filter.

by on (#13365)
I thought all console 3D glasses were mechanical, that they switched red/blue sides or something. Why else would they require a connection to a console?

I really don't think a NTSC filter will make any difference.

by on (#13373)
Some games could use plain old red/cyan anaglyph glasses. If the red and cyan aren't pure enough, then pixels intended for one eye will bleed into the other.

by on (#13374)
The NES glasses do not connect to the console, do they? I think the Master System glasses connect to the console, and those seem to be more advanced than the ones for the NES...

by on (#13376)
Huh ? I don't think glasses connects to the console. They are just two color filters. The problem is how pure the red and cyan are, effectivly. I think the NES colors that the mentionned games uses should reliably render pure red and cyan, else 3D mode would not be possible.

by on (#13377)
A google image search reveals that the Master System glasses do connect to the console. A direct picture, that may or may not work:
The SMS glasses seem to be more than simple cellophane color filters...

by on (#13381)
i have 3d worldrunner and the effect works with just plain cardboard/cellophane glasses. and i dont remember ever seeing some that plug into the nes.

by on (#13382)
Sorry, the Famicom one does connect to the console the same as the SMS, I never knew NES games had support for cellophane glasses.

by on (#13442)
Okay, so you're using Nestopia's NTSC filter? Try messing with the color decoder matrix (if you're currently using "canonical," try "consumer," and then experiment as necessary).