Super Famicom and SNES DC Power Plug (differences)

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Super Famicom and SNES DC Power Plug (differences)
by on (#26602)
Hey, I've discovered that the power plugs for the SNES (American release) and the Super Famicom (Japanese release) are different (have different shapes to fit in the back). Umm, do you know the most reliable place to get a power plug that would fit the back of the Super Famicom? I know a plug that works in Japan will also work in the U.S., but I need one that fits into the back of the Super Famicom. Thanks. ^_^

by on (#26603)
Get a power supply for the original Genesis / Mega Drive model or regular Famicom or PC-Engine. Something like this would do: ... 0152483616

by on (#26674)
What I did is switch the wire and plug from a SFC wall-wart to a US SNES wall-wart.

I may not be thinking right, but I believe that the NES plug fits the sfc. DO NOT JUST USE A NES POWER ADAPTOR! But, you could use that wire and cord with a SNES adaptor...

And I am talking about taking apart the SNES wall-wart, cutting off the SNES cord, and then soldering the famicom cord on.

by on (#26679)
just get a 9 volt universal adapter at radio shack it should have the right connector with it