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Miser's House Anthology Project


[Hex dump of font's tile data snipped. You can convert the above PNG file using any of several image converters. -- MOD]

"http://mediaplague.com/miser/MHFONT22.PNG" sheet (C)Copyright 2008 Timothy Robert Keal alias jargon (Yeah, that's right, me.)

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You haven't just posted part of a licensed ROM now have you Jargon?

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This is a fairly typical 8x8 pixel font for the "codepage 437" character encoding. I don't think bitmap fonts like these are copyrightable in the United States, as they are more "useful" than "works of authorship". This means that a font might be subject to a design patent (which you have to pay to apply for), not a copyright (which is automatic in all WTO member states). So there's no copyright violation.

But I have edited out the hex dump because it's redundant: anyone can reproduce it with Grit from devkitARM.

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WedNESday wrote:
You haven't just posted part of a licensed ROM now have you Jargon?

I hold the copyright for that, silly.

If it is part of any ROM, it is a part of one I have yet to complete. (MISHAP.NES)

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If I figure out how to use a 4x4 font on the NES, I might give the engine support to average the pixels in the font from 1bpp to 2bpp so that it may halve the font's height, width, or both.

this means if you have halve either horizontally (width) or vertically (height) the following occurs:

in a 1bpp scanline (halve horizontally), or column (halve vertically) of odd and even bits:
1bpp "00" becomes 2bpp "0"
1bpp "01" becomes 2bpp "1"
1bpp "10" becomes 2bpp "1"
1bpp "11" becomes 2bpp "3"

in a 1bpp square of odd,even bits (halve both width and height):
would become "0"

each of:
00 00 01 10
01 10 00 00
would become "1"

each of:
00 01 10 11 10 01
11 01 10 00 01 10
would become "2"

each of:
01 10 11 11
11 11 01 10
would become "3"

would become "3"

(or some similar filter.)

In this manner:
As-is, is similar to the Link's Awakening font.
Half-width, is similar to the Seiken Densetsu 2 font. (Secret of Mana)
Half-height, i don't recall a game that uses that.
Half-width/height, is similar to the Lemmings 1 font.

This is a custom homebrew font I made.

using any combination of halving, if possible, I could make use of 4 different combinations of selectable horizontal/vertical screen resolutions for my game combined with 4 different combinations of the amount of columns/rows of text.


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I think that this font will be unreadable if scaled down. I believe there are fonts as small as 4x4 pixels, but they have to be carefully drawn pixel by pixel... And they also don't have much personality, since there really isn't any room for details.

If the dimensions of your font are anything but multiples of 8, you have to draw the strings to CHR-RAM, and the process would be significantly different than that used with CHR-ROM. First, the graphics would be stored in PRG-ROM in whatever format you see fit. Then you must set aside a few tiles to work as a display buffer for the string, to where you'll render strings character by character, not necessarily respecting 8-pixel boundaries.

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Once I made an NES demo that used a roughly 5x8 pixel proportional font (see this topic). And I seem to remember that Mario Is Missing and Mario's Time Machine on Super NES used a 4x8 pixel font.